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The Ankeny First United Methodist Preschool is the result of the beginning efforts of Aileen Godell, a church member, who felt there was a need to reach out into the community to help meet the needs of children. Licensed by the State of Iowa, the four-year-old program has been in existence since 1964, and the three-year-old program since 1981.


Our two, three, four and five-year-old programs provide meaningful preschool experiences in a social environment.  We use The Creative Curriculum to help guide our teaching through Interest Areas and process driven activities.  We offer children a wide range of learning experiences which focus on themes that are central in the children's lives, such as family and friends, community helpers, seasons, holidays, nursery rhymes and many other areas of interest.  We weave Christian faith, concepts, activities and monthly Bible verses into our teaching as well.  We provide a preschool appropriate Chapel time each Wednesday, introducing a variety of Bible stories and songs.


The first day of preschool is typically the Tuesday after Labor Day. Preschool typically follows the Ankeny School District calendar in regard to vacations and school closings.




Our preschool programs provide opportunities for a child to realize his or her own potential as a two, three, four or five-year-old person. Each program is specifically structured for the developmental age level of the child enrolled. Cooperative planning ensures that the programs compliment each other. We strive to:


  • Create a Christian atmosphere for both individual and group experiences.

  • Nurture the growth of the child as a total person to enable the child to realize that he or she is special and unique.

  • Enable the growth of emotional and cognitive development fostered through creative expression, gross motor activities, open play, large/small group opportunities, science-nature discovery, and experiences with family. 

  • Encourage the development of meaningful social relationships with other children and with adults.

  • We believe the teaching methods and techniques incorporated in our program must be based on a proper understanding of child development. Since play is the foundation of child development, we plan for and recognize its value in our preschool.




Activities to nurture a positive and independent self-concept as well as cooperation and sharing are woven throughout the preschool day. Discovery activities are an important part of our curriculum to arouse curiosity and a desire to learn.


  • During preschool the children are involved in creative and imaginative play through experiences in home living, block building, using dress-up clothes, coloring, painting, using play dough, and finger painting. 

  • Musical and circle games, creative movement, climbing, sliding, throwing, finger plays, coloring, writing, and using scissors encourage development of large and small muscles. 

  • Skills in language expression are enriched through role-playing, drama, singing, puppets, finger plays, and conversation. 

  • Counting and letter recognition is a part of many finger plays, rhymes, and daily academic experiences. 

  • The children have experiences in shapes, sizes, textures, sounds, observation, tasting, and smelling. 

  • Opportunities for discovery are also created through field trips to places within the community that relate to our weekly themes. 

  • Children take turns bringing nutritional snacks, white 1% milk is provided by the preschool.

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